Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Dress Shopping

Laura's Grandma Morrison came and offered her expert advice!

Sharlene, Laura's "Auntie Shark" made sure those pesky straps were out of the way.
Roomate Jenae had dressing room duty.

And Laura really needed her help! is beautiful, but not "the one."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Good by dirt, hello grass!

Daniel had lots of help from his Dad, cousin Greg, Adam, and
the 3 missionaries that are living in the apartment.

Grizzly is lovin it!

The first official piece of sod!


Happy Birthday #22 for Laura.

Brittany, Ferrin and Hillary, friends from high school came by to wish Laura
Happy birthday

Some of Laura's friends from home, and Matthew helped her
celebrate her last birthday as Laura Nordstrom. Her next birthday
she will be Laura Neil! I have to be honest, that is kinda
weird for me!

A day at Burney Falls with the family

Ahhh, the perfect picnic!

Not sure what Laura and Matthew are doing out on that rock???

Tanner and MacKenzie, they are such a cute couple!

It was Heather's job to keep the "man-eating squirrels" away
from her sister Laura. We all had such a great time, we needed
the break from work and school and house stuff.

Dan the quilting Man

Daniel made quilts for Laura and Heather for their Birthday's.
Laura is enjoying a nap cuddled up with her new quilt and her
fiancee Matthew.

Laura's quilt is made of over 1200 triangles.

Daniel is showing Heather all of the different fruit
that are on her quilt. It is sooo colorful, it is
perfect for Heather.

Little Baby Aiden

Trevor and Olivia visit their Mom and new baby brother.

He is soooo cute!

Good Job Erin and Rick!

Friday, April 3, 2009

April first.........

So, Heather looks out the front window and sees this red thing way out in the pasture.....
As we get closer we realize that it is our mailbox wrapped in Christmas paper...
Stuffed with neck ties tied together. Now who would have done such a thing????
Very funny Elders! We love you too!